After 6 months since our last report, this one we are writing now is surely the penultimate before a release from the Alpha.

To take stock of the year 2019 we do not hide from you that this year was tough enough.

When the project started in 2015, we initially planned about 3 years of development. But in the meantime, as you know, with the different versions of Minecraft and our legendary perfectionism ^^, we fell behind and therefore decided to increase the pace even more to get the map out on time.

However, that was not enough and we had to delay the release again for 2020.

It was with a fairly high pace of work that 2019 was marked. There has been a lot of change in Minecraft and of course in Across the Time 2.

The specifications for 2015 changed enormously during development. This is the problem when you make such a long project, it is difficult to plan everything in advance in such a high period …

But it was for the best and we are more than satisfied with the result.

Since then, Across The Time 2 has grown a lot:
+ 12,000,000 m² (total area of the map, all dimensions combined)
+ 45,000 Words of dialogue
+ 10,000 Functions
+ 5,000 Mobspawner
+ 3,500 Chests
+ 450 Scoreboards
+ 400 Unique items
+ 350 Checkpoints
+ 350 Customized Sounds
+ 300 Quest Objectives
+ 150 NPCs
+ 50 Normal Levels
+ 50 Master Levels
+ 30 Side Quests
+ 30 Spells
+ 20 Original Music
+ 20 World Bosses

To sum up, we have advanced enormously on the development, the great final is missing and the story will be complete. Almost all the elements of the gameplay are ready, but an important functionality is still missing: the loot tables. We will not talk about it in detail, but overall, it will be completely random “world drop”. In other words, there will be no really specific drop on monsters or bosses.

However the drop rate and the rarity will evolve according to the level of the monsters according to the level of the player.

Otherwise, in Across The Time 2, there will be no more tutorials like on the first map. The explanations and help will be done through a very simple interactivity throughout the adventure. This will work by the launch of an image at the top right of the screen like this:

We are testing, in parallel with development, a pre-Alpha of the map to not waste too much time. However, we still encounter various bug, more or less important which shifts our output forecasts each time. This is why it is difficult to anticipate a precise date of exit … For the moment we see an exit of the Alpha version rather towards May but one should not expect precise dates.

We have updated the home page of the map, and show the progress of the test versions.

Regarding the different tests, let’s make everything clear:

The pre-ALPHA is only intended for developers of the map. It will never be in the hands of people. A pre-ALPHA is necessary for us in order to have a stable and complete version of the map for the first ALPHA tests with players external to the project. But these players will be chosen by us. The only exception will be for those who directly or indirectly contributed donations made to the project and the team. These people will therefore be contacted to participate in the Alpha.

When we have estimated that the ALPHA is finished, we will consider the release of the BETA version and there, everyone will have the chance to test Across The Time 2! We will just have to appear following our call when the moment comes.

In short, we are coming to the end of the project and we are looking forward to testing the game entirely from start to finish. We hope not to encounter bugs that are too restrictive, but in any case the game is stable in its entirety.

We are preparing everything this year to release the map in the best possible conditions and I hope you will be ready for this great new adventure!

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