During this summer, we still made many tests in order to detect further points to improve for the map.

Two months after the release of the biggest update in 1.17, we are therefore making another update, less substantial in content but which involves some changes and many balances or fixes.

It will be, in a way, an update for die-hard collectors.
Indeed, this new version 2.1.0 brings a whole new functionality: the random sale of items at merchants.
All these items (Armor, Weapons, Potions) can be purchased from blacksmiths or alchemists.

But also, we are bringing a new category of Exploits called “Collection”. This category will be consistent because it will list all the items in the game that can be looted or purchased (except “Sovereign” items).
With this update we have also optimized the “Datapack” so that the map requires less RAM to run.

Also, we did some balancing of the difficulty of certain bosses, the price of certain items and the loot table. We also fixed many exploits as well as the entire French dialogues.
Regarding the many other details of balances and fixes, we advise you to read the patch note available.

This update is playable with version 1.17.1 of Minecraft and it can be downloaded at this address.

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