It will soon be a year since the “Across The Time 2 – Time For Regrets” map was officially released. Throughout the year 2021 we have made many updates to fix bugs, add content and improve gameplay elements.

Our Discord server is growing day by day and the community is always more numerous.

However, despite the success of the first map “Across The Time“, the second is struggling to have so much enthusiasm. Indeed, the number of downloads all versions combined amount to only more than 20,000 to date.

We do not hide from you, this figure is very disappointing for us given the significant number of hours to develop this project (twice as many as the first map).

We understand that Minecraft and maps are no longer as popular as in 2015, but we were quite surprised despite the number of articles produced. However, it should be considered that a Chinese version was not produced for lack of means and this also explains a figure lower than our expectations.

In short, let’s not lament any longer because with version 2.0 of the map we were able to achieve the project that we had dreamed of on Minecraft and we know that no matter the years passed, Minecraft always remains a game played enormously despite more than 10 years of seniority!

So it’s not over yet, but there is a second piece of news which is as bad as the first concerning the evolution of the map.

Indeed this concerns the free time of each of the team. As you know Piccomaster (the one writing to you right now), has been the manager of the Team from the very beginning. Website, Server, Communication, so everything related to management without of course talking about part of the development whose work was shared with Thundesrtruck, all this could be done easily thanks to a lot of free time.

Unfortunately it will not stay that way, because indeed after 10 years spent tweaking on Minecraft, the desire to evolve is felt and due to new opportunities we will have much less time to devote to the map.

The desire to make a map even more complete is still present, indeed in September, we were in the process of developing the start of a huge update adding content such as a DLC and further improving gameplay elements, but with time and new opportunities we had to put everything on hold.

We don’t yet know how long this break is going to take (change is happening in our lives and we have to live with it), but rest assured, that doesn’t mean the end of the “Across The Time” adventure.

So of course, we shouldn’t expect to hear a lot of news about the last “Time For Regrets” map, but we keep thinking and maybe in the next few days we will have more free time to devote and do evolve Across The Time 2. And you never know, if we miraculously make 1M downloads in 2022 it will be an opportunity to come back to Minecraft ^^.

Concerning the donations, we still offer the musics and update the skins on the map according to the consideration. But do not feel obligated because this is surely not what will change the situation (unless a billionaire goes through there and gives us a donation of 100 BTC, then we can start to put aside studies and jobs ^^).

So to finish, don’t worry, anyway, we will of course always be available to answer any questions on Discord, Twitter, Reddit or mail, because we continue to closely follow the evolution of players on our maps.

In short, this message is not a farewell, but a review that marks the beginning of a great change to come for Adventquest.

We thank once again all those who have followed us since the beginning, as well as those who have recently discovered the universe of Across The Time.

See you soon!

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