It is now about six months we started to work concretely on the map “Across The Time II – Time For Regrets” and we are coming to the 1/5th of an ALPHA release.

We do not reveal all our progress, but soon you’ll still have more pictures of the project. For now, we are making progress in buildings, cities, roads etc… Much of terraforming and the main quest was made these 2 last month.
2 dungeons are built, and soon another city will appear in the region of Silberländ.

We have a lot of work yet to do, and we don’t let go because we are looking forward, like many of us, of the release of Minecraft 1.9.
With all the new additions, we will do of Across The Time II, a map really more developed than its predecessor, it will be much more than a map.

If you are wondering why we have not yet registered the map on planetminecraft, it is simply because we want to have a little more pictures to show.

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