Here is a new update on progress of Across The Time II.
Firstly, we reveal you a picture of a new biome : the Swamp of Owsästr. There, an ancient dungeon with lights puzzles await you.

Moreover, here exclusively a song you can hear in the game.

Despite the fact that it’s not representative of the overall atmosphere of the game, this song will trigger during hard fighting.
Speaking of music, it will be much more focused on electronic style. Other songs of metal bands, of which Piccomaster is a member, will be surely in ATT2 like on Across The Time with the band “Vernes”.

The composition of the soundtrack will be especially towards the end of development, given that the songwriter is also builder.

Now we’ll soon began the terraforming of the first dimension in the Nether.
The lore and history continues to be refined by Thunderstruck, also he tries to establish a global time-scale about different events of Across The Time.

Please stay tuned for more details to come.

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