Hello to the entire Adventquest community,

After two years of operating Across The Time, we have decided to release an ultimate update for Minecraft version 1.19.4.

For those who are not aware, Minecraft is preparing for version 1.20, and the latest version released announced quite a few new features for mapmakers. Although we didn’t take advantage of these technical innovations 100%, as it would require a lot of work, we were able to improve Dahäl’s spells, which finally calculate the number of victims.

So, we have evolved some systems, fixed some bugs, and even added some gameplay elements. For example, we added a new category of enemy, the “super elite,” or a system of evolution for the blacksmith that unlocks as the player buys or repairs items.

To see the changes in detail, we invite you to visit this page:
And of course, to download this new version, which unfortunately is retroactive, so only for a new adventure, you can do so on the Download page.

The 3.2.0 update officially releases on April 8, 2023, also to celebrate a community that is only growing. Yes, we have crossed the 1000-member mark on our Discord!
And we invite you even more to follow us. Whether it’s for help, a good atmosphere, the latest information, or to chat with your favorite developers, you are welcome.

We thought we wouldn’t release any more updates with additional content, but the Minecraft developers still surprise us with some small surprises. It was impossible for us, with a map of such potential as “Across The Time 2,” to leave everything aside.

In short, maybe the future still holds some surprises for us. Depending on Minecraft updates, our motivation, donations, and community interest, we may come back for another one.

We hope you’ll enjoy this small update.

Thank you again to everyone!

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