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No one was expecting it, but you’re not dreaming; one of the biggest updates 4.0.0 for our map “Across The Time 2 – Time For Regrets” is being released today! We hadn’t planned to expand and improve it, especially almost 3 years after its release, but it turns out that we had bursts of motivation and a wild idea for a major map improvement.

Indeed, this update, called “Secret of the Runes,” introduces a new central gameplay system that significantly enhances player features that haven’t been touched so far. Now, throughout the dimensions of “Across The Time 2”, you will find over 27 runes with different rarities that can be combined to form “runic words.” Once placed, these runic words will grant you feature improvements such as additional hearts, increased Chronoton and Experience drop rates, and more.

To craft these runic words, you can now create recipes using a container, and you will have the opportunity to craft other specific recipes that offer additional surprises.

But the additions don’t stop there. You’ll have to discover a massive secret dungeon hidden deep within the region of Sylberländ. This new endgame content will challenge you to uncover a special reward: the mythical spell “Secret Seeker.” It will help you uncover all the secret locations on the map to make completing 100% of the map easier. This spell was created by a community member who loved our work, “Orian34”.

Originally intended for the latest version of our map, we decided to implement it in this update because it brought interesting content.

There are still other additions, but to be honest, this is one of the largest updates, if not the largest, that we’ve ever made. We say this not only because there are many additions but also because we have never adjusted the map’s balance as much in a post-BETA update as we have in this one.

As you can see in the patch notes available here, thanks to the bonuses from runic words, we had to rework many gameplay systems such as experience gain for level progression, certain abilities, monster spawn rates, death penalties, item values in shops, and more. Many bugs have also been fixed. For more details on the update, we recommend reading the patch notes.

This update was made for Minecraft version 1.20.2. The resource pack had to be modified, and some changes were also made.

You can download the map here : https://adventquest.com/map-download

To conclude this article on a high note, we offer you another work created by a special member of the community, someone you are well-acquainted with, “PumpKingFr”, the creator of the ultimate guides for Across The Time. Even though it is originally intended for a French-speaking audience, he has decided to create and share a new trailer for the map “Across The Time 2”. Here is the splendid result of his work:

We dedicate this update to all the passionate members of the Adventquest community who continuously motivate us to create even more content never before imagined for “Across The Time 2”.

If you want to support our work, please visit our support page to make a donation: https://adventquest.com/support

Thank you to the entire community, and happy gaming!

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