We are extremely happy to finally share with you the last Trailer of our adventure map project “Across The Time 2 – Time For Regrets” marking the official release in December 2020!

This trailer was scripted by us, but directed and edited entirely by PengoPlays. You can support him by going to his channel.

The BETA tests are very conclusive, we have fixed hundreds of bugs and further improved our game. You can see the changes made on this page (be careful, this may reveal a lot of things about the story).

We thank all our supporters and our fans who have followed us from the start. You have trusted us since Across The Time I despite a project whose development period has exceeded 5 years, all without any funding other than your donations…

However, we have another important message for you.

Adventquest is the fusion of two gaming enthusiasts who have decided to create and share, through their expertise, substantial and original content through Minecraft. It was with the release of the first Across The Time map that we decided to create a team to develop vast and immersive adventures with a universe that is still expanding over time.

The Across The Time license that we created has potential that now goes beyond Minecraft. The story, the Lore, some of which will surely be released as a novel, the music for which the official Across The Time II – Time For Regrets soundtrack will also be available on bandcamp, it is also a way to support us by legally downloading our pieces of music.

Initially, we intended to make mapmaking on Minecraft our passion, but over time the increasingly complex evolution of the project we realized that the sacrifices in order to achieve a real finished product were very consistent for much of our lives. From this hard work during development, we had not done crowdfunding campaigns because we wanted to make it a pure creative and independent product. However, with hindsight and after so much effort given the fact that such a project is free, we believe that we have missed a few things.

Indeed, we would have liked to put the map on the marketplace for the Microsoft version of Minecraft and thus pay the people who worked with us, but the conversion was technically impossible to do. Most of the donation money was enough to pay for the logistics of the servers and software used. It’s already huge of course, but this unprecedented project in its scale on Minecraft has become a game in its own right and all this work we offer you free in the end.

In addition, the project is not finished and will still take us a long time to refine. Perhaps adding content will be possible in later versions of Minecraft, as we would like to update the map to the latest version of Minecraft so that it is also available on Realm. Also we intend to make the map available in other languages (Chinese, German, Spanish etc …).

This is what we wrote to you this message for donations to finance the project as it is, to reward these 5 years of work, but also its future!

So, after all this time, we decided to open our very first donation page “Tipeee”, a crowdfunding platform :

So, if you want to finance the project and reward our efforts, you can go to the various Tipeee, Bandcamp links, or even directly to our Paypal link.

Thanks again to everyone for your support and we will meet in December!

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