After more than 5 years of work and 6 months of intense testing and correction, we are finally ready to officially announce a release date for Across The Time 2 – Time For Regrets: Wednesday December 16, 2020!

Development is complete and a first version of the map can finally be played by all those who of course have the Minecraft Java game. The completion of Across The Time 2 is unprecedented compared to the first map which was full of bugs. Even if in this sequel there will surely be some, we will fix them and there will of course be other optimized versions of the map later. But either way we are light years away from the poor performance of the first Across The Time.

You cannot imagine how proud we are of this accomplished work. For whoever has been writing your news all this time “Piccomaster” and of course my dear sidekick and friend “Thundesrtruck”, this is the biggest project of our life coming to fruition. And without your daily support, the “Time For Regrets” project would not be at this level. We thank our contributors once again and we hope that this will continue unabated. As the adventure has only just begun, know that we have opened a crowdfunding project page to support us and continue to improve our game.

The BETA test will continue for another week before it comes to an end. We will try to fix as much as possible before depositing the map in its “release” version. For the moment we have just produced a “pre-release” of Across The Time 2 – Time For Regrets, the changelog of which are noted on this page (spoiler alert).

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