The last boss of the game Ranegot, can encounter somme bugs but the second phase Wither Boss are not really a bug. The Wither Boss have a lot of health, but when you hit you’ll never see the lifebar (in purple at the top of the screen) decrease.
But don’t worry, if the life of the Wither boss decrease it’s just a diplay bug of Minecraft, you have to continu to hit until his death.

For the last transformation (the third phase after the wither boss), if you are alone in an arena is that you encounter a bug. So to resolve it and spawn Ranegot (wither Skeleton), write this command :
/summon Item -1062 6 -245 {Item:{id:331,Count:1},Age:5760}

If didn’t work try this : 
/setblock -1062 3 -246 redstone_wire

Or these commands :
/setblock -1064 3 -245 air
/setblock -1064 3 -245 redstone_block

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