An ancient dimension that you have come in Across The Time will reappear in Time For Regrets, Angband : the powerful kingdom linked by dimensional portals.
Many terrible events occurred in the past, you will be prepared to experience exceptional events and you will learn more about the great history of Angband.

Angor the greatness of the kingdom with the illustration of the city of Angor. A commercial and cultural crossroads of the 7 worlds, the city managed to maintain a great influence on many realms.

We have almost finished the construction in Angband, the city of Angor took us many time due to its immense size. The building of Angor was a challenge for us and it was hard to keep the pace. In any case it is over and with the impending arrival of the 1.9 version, we can finally implement all aspects of the planned gameplay.

Otherwise, the resourcepack continuous to be completed with new blocks as you can see on the picture below and soon new legendaries weapons. Other songs were also composed and perhaps some samples will be broadcast for you.

Many history, lore, background were also written and you’ll learn much more about the universe of Across The Time.
We still have much work with the 1.9 version which comes the 29 February. After Angband, we will attack us to the last major cities of the region Silberländ : Eolorion.

Team Adventquest.

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