Let’s make a new point on the progress of the map.
To begin, it is now 1 years that we work on the sequel of Across The Time. Overall we can not represent a specific percentage on finishing the map, but we believe that we are at about 42%.

As you could see certainly, we made our first trailer, if you still have not seen you can watch the video below :

During the first quarter of the year we have been able almost completely finish the dimension of the nether called “Angband”. We did not finish because meanwhile the 1.9 appeared and we had to update many systems.
This update we anticipated, but we were not expecting that option to either also huge!

In Minecraft 1.9, new command blocks have appeared, and it turned upside everything our old systems which caused a lot of lag. Now we devellops new completely autonomous and centralized system to fully optimize the gameplay and performance in game.
Through the work of Mojang also on the latest version of Minecraft, the FPS increased considerably and this has enabled us to establish new systems very easy to use.

For example, now during your adventure, cinematic will take place to immerse the player more into the story. Spells magic or legendary items have unique effects.
In short than that is Waypoint systems, dialogues, quests etc … everything has become much fluid and the gameplay will be even more interesting, here is a picture illustrating some of our systems.


NPCs will have a lot to offer you, and also stores will be very easy to use because it will pass directly in the chat.

Otherwise, our webmaster Tristepouille has also started working on the resource pack. He specializes in creating 3D items. Yes we will implement unique weapons and items in 3D in the game. Normal weapons through quests items and ending with the legendary, all will pass in 3D texture.
We can show you a few little sketch below, we will show you of course more soon.

To finish, we recently created a presentation page of the map on planetminecraft. Now you can go vote for us and apply a diamond on the page to put our work forward on the site HERE.

Remember that if you like our work you can always support us by donating HERE. We all work voluntarily and you can download for free our work when it is completed. 
Thank you again, you are increasingly to follow us and it gives us great pleasure.

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