We finally arrive at the last straight with a huge difficulty that awaits us : the update of the map in 1.13 version.

Mojang decided with a little delay, to officially release their biggest update on July 18, 2018. We waited more than a year and it is not surprising that we realize the extent of work to do with regard to all commands.

Indeed, the adaptation of the commands must absolutely be made to work in 1.13 and we have a huge amount (dialogues, gameplay, mechanisms etc …). To make all commands in 1.13 compatible, it will be necessary to rewrite them all and it will take the most time.

But we were especially confused by the first conversion of the entire map “Across The Time 2”, as you can see the damage on the photo below :

Not only the majority of chunks have disappeared but in addition to many textures (2D and 3D) no longer work at all.
However no worries, we have found solutions and are working on them. But it still requires extra work and to be honest it is very exhausting!

The resource pack should not take too much time to update. As for the map, it will be necessary to wait a few months before making a complete adaptation in 1.13. First and foremost, we have to do some testing, but most of all, we have to finish the last builds on the map.

Speaking of constuctions, we completed the last major project that the final dungeon contained. A mysterious and surprising trip is waiting for you and we can not give you any further information except for the following photo :

Such a great leap through time and space can only be done in error … The mastery of such power can not be contained in mere mortal and even half-gods.
Now we begin the construction of the grand finale and everything will finally be linked. The end of the journey.

That’s why now that there are almost all the block textures defined in the resource pack and that the 1.13 update is officially released, we can better predict the work we have left to do.

The counter is upgraded on the main page of the website and we are defining it from now on at 80%.
In the details, we will step back the commands that will actually take us more time to update, but as we have advanced with the constructions and terraformation, people can be reassured that the project in its entirety has well progressed!

However, we still can not afford to post a specific official release date. We are working hard to finish this huge map and it is not always easy to complete such a project when it is an unpaid passion, especially over such a long period …
The holidays, the work and the vagaries of life meant that we also had to pause the map for the first time for 2 weeks. If the news was scarce lately it is precisely because our respective jobs often require a lot of time to each one, and at this time it’s also not refused to take for once a few holidays.

We just apologize for the lack of informations sharing on the map during these holidays. We are just like you as impatient to see complete this project. This sequel weighs heavily on our shoulders, and some must be perhaps too great idea of the map compared to the first where the surprise was present!
We really hope you like it, which is why we really want to take our time to work the details.

In any case, from the whole team we wish you all a very good summer vacation. Do not hesitate to continue to follow us and support us on social networks. We thank you very much for the messages you send us, it goes straight to the heart each time and motivates us more!

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