Only 3 months after the last article about the upgrade of the map to the last version, we want now by this news officially confirm that we have finally made the conversion of the whole map in 1.13.2.
Not all commands have been converted yet, but we started cleaning up a lot of old obsolete systems. As you can see in the photo we got rid of many command_block that we converted into functions (we have at the moment more than 1500 functions, each of which contains dozens of commands) :

Here again a photo montage showing the evolution of the systems that we started in 1.8 with redstone, then compact with commands in 1.11 to finish now by replacing everything with functions in 1.13. It is a dialogue system that has been totally revised.
As you can see during the development of the map we went through these 3 steps :

Thanks to this, we received a significant gain of power in the gameplay systems, so the performance of the map has increased significantly. Just for this very good news, we are already more than satisfied with this update.

However, in the 1.13.2 update there are still some “lag spikes” with the chunks loads and when there is a lot to load (for example in the Ouranos dimension with a high speed of the player) it can cause lags. This is why we are watching closely the performance evolutions of the new 1.14 update which is preparing for this end of the year.
So as you will have understood, unfortunately a release date of the map at the end of the year will not be possible.

But don’t worry, we are not just content to put additional content related to updates that would still delay the release date of the map. If we pass in 1.14 it will be mainly to gain in performance, if and only if the working time requested for the conversion will be null. We will have lost 6 months to almost completely convert the map to 1.13 and we do not want to lose anymore.

We now think there is enough potential for this huge new Across The Time map to emerge and marvel the Minecraft community. This is why we are on the final stretch, thus content ourselves with the already numerous innovations of 1.13.
And to prove that the development of the map is progressing well, here is a special photo of Hill Valley, which you could see its expansion. But why? You will know it by playing :

So we continued building the map, but where we concentrated most is terraforming : we are at 99% to completed all the terraforming! To give you a figure, we have about 14,000,000 square meters of surface terraform (1m = 1 cubic distance in the game). It is a gigantic construction project with 4 dimensions and 3 different temporalities!

Of course we do not share any photos of the dynmap to not spoiler and we did not have fun calculating the exact number of blocks. But even if it’s not just the playable surface, I hope it will give you an idea of the immensity of the map and the work done.
Here is another rendering of terraforming of the last dungeon with a difference of temporality :

Otherwise, there is another figure that we sometimes share and which is constantly increasing, it is the advancements : about 270 for the moment.
For the rest like the music, the Lore, the resource pack, the translation we did not work enormously even if we are making progress each of our sides.

To conclude we were able to calculate a little better what we have to do, and we are now 85% of a release of the map in BETA version, but the way is long! We must admit that the development of this second opus of Across The Time is harder than what was planned at the base. We put all our passion but we must admit that it is not easy every day. In short, we will be motivated to the end to complete and make this map the most successful Minecraft has known. It’s pretentious said like that, but we work hard (anyway on the Java version ^^) because we like a job well done.

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