Hello everyone,

Today it’s been exactly 2 years since the map “Across The Time 2 – Time For Regrets” was released and 7 years since the Adventquest site went online.

It’s also been 10 years since we created maps on Minecraft, that’s why we write this article to celebrate this event.

Let’s start by talking numbers!

We had never done it concerning “Across The Time 2”, so we might as well do a little review.

Since we released version 3.0 we have received an increase in downloads as the Chinese community now has access to it.
If we count the total downloads, all versions and all languages combined, we reach 70k downloads.
This is indeed 10 times less than the first map, which has now reached 700k downloads.

So, it may not seem like much about “Across The Time 2” because we spent twice as much time working on this project as the first one.
But we have to put things into perspective because Minecraft has lost a lot of enthusiasm on average but also concerning the adventure maps. We are no longer in 2015, the golden age of Minecraft!

In any case for us 70k is already huge for adventure maps in 2022. And it must be said that after 7 years, the first map Across The Time is still being played.

Not to mention that the Discord community is only growing and now has over 800 members.
In short, we are very happy and we know that it’s not over because Minecraft is still not ready to give up the ghost, it’s crazy after so much time!

Over the past 10 years of working on two huge Minecraft projects, we’ve accumulated a lot of documents and sketches that we have on hand. So it was the perfect opportunity to share them with you!
So not to bore you, we will not make a very technical article by sharing our many spreadsheets and code with you, but only the sketches.
However, if you are interested in knowing how we proceeded to create Across The Time 2 on a technical level, we can make a dedicated article for you.

We worked on “Google Drive” mainly to share documents, calculations, creation of sketches, database etc…
We let you enjoy this artistic work (it’s ironic, because it was done in a hurry so we hope you will understand especially that the captions are only in French).

Here are the sketches we drew for the first Across The Time map:

Here are the ones we made for Across The Time 2:

Our old Adventquest logo:

And as a little bonus, a sketch of “La Flamme Noire” drawn by Thunderstruck:

La Flamme Noire

Finally, we have put online the Lore of Myorain, Korlaph and Selene (or Tina for the intimate ^^).

Thank you again for continuing to play our creations, I hope you enjoyed this little article.

If you want another one regarding technical files and documents, tell us in the comments or on our Discord.

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