As you noticed, our site was having very big problems. Indeed, we had to look for a while for the origin of a serious problem preventing any navigation on our site. It turned out that we lost all our data from the SQL database, that is to say that the addresses of the links giving to the pages and articles were completely lost.

Although we are not sure exactly why we lost this data, we were able to find some old backups and we were finally able to make a site functional again.

However, there is one content that we have definitely lost, which is the accounts registered on the site as well as the comments. We therefore invite you to re-register on this new site which of course kept the same domain name:

We apologize for the problems and losses caused but anyway the site is finally back and we also took the opportunity to change the design a bit.

Another great news is the official Across The Time soundtrack – “Time For Regrets” has finally been released.

The cover artwork was created by Design Spartan aka Gaétan Weltzer:

The album is fully available for purchase and digital listening for the moment on “Bandcamp” and thereafter on other online listening platforms like Spotify, Deezer or Itunes.

We remind you that you can also always support us on our “Tipeee“, you will also obtain, according to your contribution, the access by downloading of our soundtracks.

Regarding the Across The Time 2 map, we are still waiting for the official release of Minecraft version 1.17 by Mojang.

Since the map was released in December 2020, we have been working to update it to make it compatible with Minecraft version 1.16.5. However if we did not release the map in this version it is because some mechanisms had become obsolete and could not be updated.

But with the arrival of 1.17 we were able to test these mechanisms on the latest snapshots and we are happy that everything is working perfectly. We’ve even been able to add some new things that you’ll soon know when we complete Alpha testing when 1.17 officially launches.

We will soon share with you the “big” patch-note of version 2.0.0 of Across The Time 2!

In short, all of this will be a new lease of life for Adventquest.

Thanks again to everyone for your support and feel free to join us on Discord for those who aren’t there yet!

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