And here we are finally!

It is with great joy that we announce today the official release of Across The Time 2 – Time For regrets.

This time, enough chit-chat, the map (available in English and French) can now be downloaded and played for free by everyone through this link.

We remind you however that there are certain conditions to play Across The Time 2: you must have the Java version of Minecraft in 1.13.2 and follow certain instructions indicated in this link so that your gaming experience is the most pleasant possible.

Regarding streaming or video retransmission, everyone is of course allowed to do so. However, it is recommended that you do not appropriate our work because of the rights of the project.

Try to talk about it and share it as much as possible around you in order to help us gain visibility, and if you want to support our work, you can do so by going to this address.

If you would like to join our community and discuss Adventquest projects together, you are invited and welcome to our Discord!

We would like to thank all the people who participated and supported this great project from the start (the credits have been updated).

In short, this year will not have been easy, so we hope that this little “Christmas present comes early” will brighten up these last 2 weeks 2020 and give hope for the following year because do not forget: this is just the beginning!

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