We are almost there ! We are getting closer to a stable version of the full gameplay of Across The Time 2. But to achieve this, we had to make some sacrifices. We will talk about it in this article but do not worry, if we decided to change the parameters is that it was very thoughtful upstream for the sake of the map but also for it to come out one day ^^.

Consecutive delays due to the Minecraft 1.13 Update was predictable but it made us take a path we could not anticipate. The year 2019 marked a turning point for Across The Time 2 with the new system of functions because our goal is to finish the project in a BETA version more than stable this year and we are motivated! 

It should be known that the map will be 4 years old in April and that we have completed much of the level design, construction and terraforming. However, since we started with 1.8 Minecraft version, many redstone systems with command_blocks were active and completely obsolete on the map. 

So, with the version 1.13.2 installed, we take stock of the main quest, the secondary quests, the gameplay and noting too many differences and dysfunctions in our systems, we then considered that we had better to convert our systems in “functions”. 

So we redo ALL the map in functions (the map now has more than 4000 functions with within each average dozens of command lines).

So here is the first sacrifice we made: the time spent in the past to code in command_block and redstone … But this is really for the best because the map takes a very neat and extremely simple way to debug. 

From this new way of working, we can now code much faster. Sometimes it’s complicated but we get an extremely powerful version of the map and little by little the gameplay takes shape. So 1/3 of the game is now playable without any major bug detected. 

Let us start by mentioning a concrete advance that emerged from a small sacrifice : the materialization of the new system of Dahäl spells. 

As you can see in the video, the launch has evolved compared to the first map. We took an example of a fireball spell, it will not launch from a book but directly from an object (the sphere of Dahäl) with a simple right click : 

As you will understand it cost us the fishing rod and therefore the entire fishing system.

The selection of spells will still be based on the books of incantations but not only the spells will be easier to launch, but they can also evolve over 10 levels each and there will be about thirty spells! Just that.

So yes, we decided to do without fishing because Across the Time 2 will be even less focused on survival. This is a small sacrifice but we preferred to optimize the main gameplay that secondary, and this will save us some time at the table loot. 

Indeed, also the loot system is concerned. It has been thought in advance but still asks for calculating drops in chests and monsters. We save time by removing the fishing but also by simplifying the drops of unnecessary Minecraft items such as bones, string, spider’s eye, leather, powder etc …

And since there will be no more unwanted items, there will be no need for a reyling system. But do not worry, all this will compensate with the number of weapons and armor that can be sold this time.

In spite of all that has already been written, we keep last a sacrifice which is not one of the least: the classes.

Yes, it was a decision that was quite hard to take because Across The Time is a push RPG, and we wanted to keep the same system for Across The Time 2 so as not to lose continuity with the first map. But given recent advances in customization systems in gameplay, skills, itemization and even the level of consistency of the story we have seen fit to leave the choice of classes at the beginning of the game.

The player will have the opportunity throughout his adventure to evolve as he wishes in order to customize his game and make it unique enough to want to replay later.

We hope that some will not be too disappointed, but you can trust us. If we decided that, it’s really for the sake of the map and decided that it was not necessary to waste so much time creating this big system, because yes the positive point of this is that we save a lot of time to focus on other more important things for the map.

Anyway, all these sacrifices are not in vain and we assure you that the map improves with time. As proof, here are some examples of the progress made since the beginning of the year on the map.

As previously stated, we have largely completed all the design, the visual map and in particular the terraforming and transformation of the oceans in a more recent version of the game.

You can see it with the photo, below, showing the difference of finish between the 1.8 and the 1.13 of a submarine depth biome (we notice many more colors, it is more pleasing to the eye) :

Also the lock system, it has been reviewed and improved. We took the opportunity to continue the resource pack as you can see in the photo :

That’s it, we are really happy and always more than motivated because the map is concretized saw eye and the tests are more and more conclusive. We are nearing the end and have now finished 90%.

We thank the people who helped us financially, you will of course be registered in the credits of the map. And thanks again to all for your support but also to those who send us just simple messages, it warms us so much the heart!

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